butterflyLosing one’s possessions to a natural disaster is utterly devastating. Often most painful is the destruction of items of sentimental value–photographs, children’s drawings, favorite books.

Recently, the Canadian city of Calgary, which you may recall hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics, was overcome by flood waters which prompted the evacuation of 75,000 people. Lions and tigers from the zoo were also transferred to prisoner holding cells at the courthouse to keep them safe. In the aftermath, many uplifting notes have been struck by the way people have come together to support each other–sharing food, shelter, and comfort. Pages Books on Kensington, an independent bookstore in Calgary that was spared by the flood, devised a unique strategy to support the victims of the disaster–by offering replacement books lost in the flood, at cost. The bookstore also offers to assume shipping fees and promises to do its best to find a copy of every book submitted to them as lost by victims of the flood.

We hope the book lovers among the victims of the Calgary flood will soon find the time and comfortable space to curl up with their favorite reads again.

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