The Card People review

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What started out as a simple pastime between boys and their father turns into the key to uncovering a family secret. The Card People transforms an ordinary stack of playing cards into walking, talking aides which help two brothers reveal clues and discover secrets about their dad’s disappearance.

Imagine suddenly losing your father and having no clue as to the reason why. I would welcome anyone—or anything—with clues and a willingness to help me uncover the mystery, even a deck of playing cards. The brothers team up with the treasured deck of cards who come to life, bringing along their own fears and problems to solve.

Who doesn’t love a story about heroism and bravery? Protecting their new friends, Paul and Sam help devise a plan to defend the card people from the dangerous scissor people, and in return, the card people help Paul and Sam heal.

Although the target audience may be middle-grade, my almost 7-year-old enjoyed laughing at the excitement unfolding on each page. The short chapters are the perfect length to read at bedtime, but each chapter holds a good mix of challenge and ease for a young reader. This book, packed full of rich descriptive words to create detailed pictures in the reader’s mind, keeps the reader engaged with the action, twists, and unexpected characters. Tapping into the vivid imagination of the youth, The Card People uses creative descriptions and great imagery to unveil a new world of nanotechnology.

You’ll find yourself wondering if this was all a dream or reality. You’ll find yourself asking “What if…?” In this tale of bravery, determination, and love, you’ll discover adventure and possibility. And the ending will no doubt leave you wondering what will happen next…


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