Phyllis Goldberg

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Dr. Phyllis Goldberg and her coauthor, Dr. Rosemary Lichtman, have teamed together to write Fuze’s first self-help book, Whose Couch Is It Anyway?, which explores the impact on five different families after an adult child moves back home.

Both Phyllis and Rosemary are married, have raised children, cared for grandchildren and aging parents, and survived cancer. Their identities, like those of their clients, have been redefined subtly yet dramatically over the years.

In 2000 they created, where they consult online, particularly to women of the “sandwich generation” who face the challenge of nourishing their families without starving themselves. They blog regularly as well as publish articles and a monthly newsletter, Stepping Stones. Both graduates of Dr. Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness coaching program, they apply positive psychology in their mentoring work.

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