wedThere’s something about libraries, bookstores, places that house lots of books– a quiet presence, a sacredness even–like the shift that happens when you walk into a church or temple. Maybe it has to do with the invitation to turn inward.

However you perceive it, clearly bookseller Sarah Teunissen, appreciates this quality–so much so that she picked her workplace of eight years, Northshire Bookstore in Vermont, for her wedding site!

Her bookseller friends made the food, chosen from one of Sarah’s favorite cookbooks, of course. Another bookseller made the flower bouquet out of pages of books pictured above. And a customer who also happens to be a reverend officiated the union. Floor manager Erik Barnum, read lines from Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins, a post-modern fairy tale about a love affair between an environmental princess and an outlaw, and called the group a “bookselling family.”

Have you been married in an unusual place, or dreamed about doing so?

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