The Process

Muze Taps are a series of advice columns by our authors that tackle the various challenges faced by creative writers.

Benefits of Working with a Qualified Editor
Writing can be an enigmatic art form, familiar yet mysterious. What may appear transparent at first glance proves surprisingly opaque
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How to Begin?
The question pops up at three different stages of writing. Depending on the situation prompting it, it yields three different
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Fits and Starts
Why are beginnings so tough? Something stirs in your imagination, a bright idea that while you are speeding on the
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The Zero Draft
An earlier Muze Tap divided creative writing into two separate processes, tree shaking then jelly making, brainstorming material then selecting
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A Valentine to Creativity
Creative writing is a lot like being in a close relationship, a comparison that offers helpful insight for writers getting
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The Writer’s Notebook
Creative writing begins with creative perception: an alertness to the world around. There is always something bizarre, funny, heartwarming, or
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The Other D Word
Asked what they consider their greatest writing challenge, my workshop participants always cite discipline: if inspiration doesn’t find its way
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Writers hear voices–a provocative sentence or two bubbling up in the mind’s ear; a created, or remembered, character beginning to
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Right Brain, Left Brain
Creative writing draws on two separate processes.  Because they happen in different parts of the brain, trying to perform them
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