booknightWorld Book Night is an annual world-wide tradition according to which volunteers give out hundreds of thousands of donated books to reluctant readers and to those who don’t have access to books. In April, 2014, the World Book Night U.S. will launch, with the goal of giving out a whopping 500,000 books! The date is nine months away, but last year’s givers are starting now to nominate titles, which a select panel will vote on to determine the books that will be given away.

World Book Night also sponsors a prison initiative and catalogs letters from all their book recipients.

Executive director of World Book Night U.S., Carl Lennertz, says: “We’ll opt for quality over quantity, as we did last year. With the same number of volunteers and books, we continue to target more carefully those in need, while generating enormous local and national publicity in support of a reading-and-giving message.” Way to go!

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