Satan’s Chamber

Satan’s Chamber

He was a crack CIA operative who vanished from the streets of Khartoum, Sudan.

And he was her father.

She followed him into the Agency’s National Clandestine Service, and now despite her junior status, she lands the assignment she covets: Khartoum.

From the minute Victoria Pierce arrives in-country, nothing is what it seems.

The one-eyed Kendacke, descendant of the first female black pharaohs, is a fugitive in her own land. Bart Wilkins, the buff but bumbling supply officer at the Embassy, keeps turning up one step ahead. The super-rich Adam Marshall has information, but it comes with strings attached.

Whom can she trust as she begins to uncover the pieces of a horrific plan?

Written by Karetta Hubbard and Molly Best Tinsley

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See Molly Best Tinsley read from the book at the Ashland Public Library

Read Southern Literary Review’s interview with Karetta Hubbard and Molly Best Tinsley here!



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