Behind the Waterfall







by Molly Best Tinsley

The rate of twin births in the United States has spiked 76 percent in the last thirty years, but books for younger readers featuring twins remain few. Tinsley sets out to improve the imbalance with this fantasy thriller featuring fifteen-year-old identical brothers Chetan and Nashota Eagleman and their precocious younger sister Shyla. Moved by their mom to a different town every year, the siblings have landed in Bison, South Dakota, the middle of nowhere, where everyone they meet is either hostile or depressed. Then they stumble on an astonishing family secret that comes with special powers and a scary mission: they must take down the ruthless criminal who controls the town and aims to control the world. But how?

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"Tinsley’s prose is her shining accomplishment.... From mysterious prologue to surprising conclusion, the characters’ journey ... shows not only their triumph over outside forces, but their inner transformation as well.... A forceful novel with a little bit for everyone, from strong action and character growth to themes of family, love, and purpose."

Foreword Reviews

Price: $9.99

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