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Author Spotlight

Aidan Patrick Meath & Jason Killian Meath,

coauthors of The Pepperoni Palm Tree

In 2009, when seven-year-old Aidan Patrick Meath saw his father Jason publish a book, Aidan decided he wanted to write one, too. “I thought of my two favorite things—pizza and the beach!” said Aidan, now a sixth-grader.

Three years later and presto: The Pepperoni Palm Tree was born. A story about a different kind of tree and a boy named Frederick who sets out to discover there’s no other tree of its kind in the whole world! The book portrays the challenge of being true to oneself and celebrates the uniqueness that enables each of us to shine, and thus enlighten the world.

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators celebrated artist Kirk Parrish, whose style can be compared to that of a classic Disney animator, jumped aboard to illustrate the story. The result is a whimsical book mixing all the personalities of the jungle on a faraway island.

Last spring, third-graders at Norfolk Academy in Virginia loved The Pepperoni Palm Tree so much they made it into a musical! With original choreography and music, the “incredible and moving” show was proudly attended by authors Jason and Aidan Meath. An art gallery just outside the theater was filled with students’ renderings of Kirk Parrish’s illustrations from the book. The photo above shows Aidan, Jason, and part of the talented cast of The Pepperoni Palm Tree musical. Congratulations to all on an amazing performance!


Praise for The Pepperoni Palm Tree:

“The best thing to be in life is yourself…and if that just happens to be a pepperoni palm tree then all the better.” –Geoff Tracy, Chef Geoff

The Pepperoni Palm Tree will make you feel happy all over, and perhaps just a little bit hungry for more.” –Mari Stein-McWilliams, Author

“Vivid illustrations, bursting with color and life, compliment the zany text and bring out the strangeness of the jungle, with its screeching monkeys, sneering papaya plants and gloating banana bunches. The whole thing has a touch of Seuss about it.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Beautifully illustrated” The Washington Post

“A delightful story that inspires the moral imagination.” –Diversity expert Dr. Karyn Trader-Leigh

“A beautifully written and imaginative children’s book full of fantastic illustrations that popped off the page and a friendship between Frederick and the Pepperoni tree that lasted even through the toughest of times…. I highly recommend the book!!” –Books R Us Online

“A great story. Check this great book out, you won’t be disappointed!” –Unconventional Librarian Online

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